Thursday, July 06, 2006


Playground Danger!


Eric was stung by a hornet today at the park, just a few minutes ago - on the top of his forehead, left side. :(

We are keeping an eye on him, since this is his first cross with one to be sure he doesn't start showing signs of allergies..

He is very brave, but we are both very worried..

Mike is going to head back to the park with some hornet spray - he thinks they are making a nest under the slide.. ugh.

Monday, July 03, 2006


Boys like worms..

Max crawled four steps today before faceplanting. I am so happy the two of us have reconnected since the surgery. Now, he pretty much wants me to hold him all day long.. which isn't a bad thing..necessarily. However, he is quite the pudge..

Not sure how much he weighs right now, but we just moved up a new diaper size to a 4. Eric wasn't a four until he was 18 months plus!!

He is still enjoying the fact that he is faster than his mommy.. and a good portion of the day is me chasing him all over the house... *sigh* Who needs physical therapy when I have baby Road Runner?

Today, Eric was a caterpillar.

We have a mellow Fourth planned. Likely hanging out in the backyard, cooking some kind of dead animal.. followed up by watching the fireworks near the Promenade in Goldbug.

Have a safe holiday everyone!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Just a bit of news..

Yesterday, the surgeon released me from all of my precautions *and* all physical therapy!

Today, I watched the boys all by myself. I'd like to think I did a good job, but we did have one little accident. I had just given Max a bath and set him down - of course - he took off like the road runner. He crawls faster than I can walk still and was up the stairs in a matter of 30 seconds or so.

I grabbed a diaper and started walking to get him when I hear Eric yelling at him "NO MAX!! Those are MY robot parts!!" and then.. crash ~ tumble ~ rod iron clanging.. silence. Then screaming - from both of them.

Yep, Eric was the stunt coordinator for Max's first ride down the stairs. ugh..

Max is fine. No worse for wear. He cried for a few minutes but started giggling again when I sang my jazz version of the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Eric ... he learned a good lesson today and he punished himself MORE than I ever could have. He ran in his room and slammed the door and bawled and squalled for a good ten minutes. I listened to him on the baby monitor and he was talking to himself about how he hurt his brother.. truthfully, it broke my heart, but at the same time I was amazed at the responsibility he took for only being 3 1/2.

We had a good talk after all the tears were shed. He gave Max a kiss and a hug and started crying again, promising to never 'push' him down the stairs again.

Enjoy the movie!

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